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The Awesome Wedding Reception-then-AfterParty of Vicky & Silvia at Damai Indah Golf PIK

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Diskodiwedding was honoured to be trusted as the Wedding DJ & Wedding music Consultant for the Wedding Reception & After-party of Vicky & Silvia at Damai Indah Golf PIK, Jakarta


What can we say ?, the Whole Wedding was super awesome !! the Reception in seamlessly continued to the after-party, just as Vicky & Silvia requested.

Their friends even prepared a special Playlist for these newlyweds, and requested to us direct lt before the wedding that the playlist must be played whatsoever, even if there's a possibility that the Bride & Groom might not agree with the songs but this is some kind of fun suprise for them.

Watch the video from the Awesome After-Party Session Below :

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