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We created a flashy "Diskodiwedding Room" for Afterparty at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

We converted a Small Meeting room at Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta into a Fully-Fledged Diskodiwedding Room with over 10.000watts of Power, for the Wedding After Party of Sander & Mariana. Diskodiwedding is beyond honored to be trusted as the Wedding Music Stylist, Music Director and DJ for the Traditional Reception & After-Party.

Our Music Director is trusted with the task of Directing Music during the Grand Entrance Procession in the Wedding Reception, Mixing & Blending some Indonesian Classic Contemporary songs with Traditional Sundanese Music.



It's 21:30. Sound System : Check ✔ Lighting System : Check✔ Special Effects : Check ✔ All Systems Ready. Diskodiwedding Room is Ready. _ The Guests are coming down from The Residence On Five to start the After-Party. DJ starts warming up with some funky & groovy tunes to set the mood right

The Afterparty lasted for 6 hours up to 3am in the Morning !

here's the highlights of the showdown of the " Diskodiwedding Room "

AND...( drumrolls please ...) THIS IS THE FULL HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO :

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