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It's a Hungry-Free Afterparty with Sweet Martabak & Indomie Goreng as the Snack !

Afterparty paling Manis & Friendly dengan Martabak Manis & Indomie !

Sangjit Afterparty Jakarta Engangements or Sangjit can have its own Intimate version of an After-Party too ! While the Wedding Afterparty are usually bigger and badder, the Engagement Afterparty offers a lighter, more intimate Sweet Moment yet still packs the punch to lift up your morale during the Preparation days on your way to the Wedding Day.

So, Why Not ? Never Say no To a Disko !

From The Sangjit Day of Nicholas & Elizabeth at Damai Indah Golf PIK, Jakarta

And if everything was right, and the Music is really Good, chances are your Engagement Afterparty will be even more awesome than a Wedding After Party will ever be ! Of course We encourage you to have two after parties, one for the Engagement and one for the Wedding Day, cause why not ? 😉👌

and this is the complete highlight video from the festivities :

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