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When Java meets Morocco : The Multi-national-cultural Wedding of Amanda & Tarik

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Diskodiwedding was honoured to be able to witness and take part in the Wedding Festivities of Amanda Azzahra & Tarik Zahri at Plataran Cilandak, Jakarta as their Wedding Music Stylist and Wedding DJ, Working Together closely in a sweet Collaboration with @adhyakti_wedding & @chandra_budaya_organizer _ Plataran Cilandak by @platarandining is a Huge Outdoor Wedding venue located in a sweet spot at South Jakarta area, well-known as the preferred venue for many aunthentic Traditional Weddings in Jakarta, which was marvellously decorated that day by @azkaanggunart


Amanda The Bride was Javanese, and Tarik The Groom was French-Moroccan _ A seamless transition and smooth collaboration happened that night between traditional javanese vibes brought by the Gamelan Players and Disko Vibes by our finest Wedding DJ _ That night We served a blend of Classic Indonesian 90s, International Classic Discos, Moroccan Traditional Wedding Songs, Arabian, some Afro beats, French EDMs, and a little bit of Indian Tracks as well as Western Top 40 hits, as the Groom's guests came from all around the World. _ Our Wedding DJ's Traditional Javanese attire was provided by @sanggarnusantaradotcom


Different Nationalities, Different Cultures, Different Wedding Traditions, Different Ages and Languages, All Dancing together to Celebrate This Night, in one Universal Language : Good Music.

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