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Traditional Reception with a Fun Classic-Disco Twist at Plataran Cilandak, Jakarta

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Fragrant, colourful, and heavily influenced by conservative yet imaginative Culture, these words are best to describe the elements of a Traditional #Javanese Wedding Ceremony. Diskodiwedding was beyond honoured to serve as a closing element of all the ceremonies and rituals procession for our lovely B & G, Yayas & Nosa

We served some Indonesian Golden Memories Pop songs at the closing part of their stunning #Traditional Javanese wedding reception at Plataran Cilandak last night, carefully mashed-up with some special Classic Disco tunes to lighten the Vibe up, as requested by the Bride & Groom.

Special Thanks to @adhyakti_wedding for the amazing night 😊🙏

Vendors : @platarandining @plataranresorts @rumahkampungdecor @dwitunggalcitra @uplightpro @chandra_budaya_organizer @lemotionphoto

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