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Diskodiwedding Just Launched The New "Go Intimate" Wedding DJ Package !

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Love is not, and will never be cancelled.

Yes you can still celebrate the biggest day of your life, maybe even better than ever among the very selected person in your inner circles only, with a proper health & safety protocols, and, of course, with proper music curated just for you by your Wedding DJ.

Introducing Diskodiwedding : Go Intimate Wedding DJ Package with Proper Health & Safety Protocols

Go Intimate option lets you choose to run your Wedding normally, but with Limited Intivations or Small Number of Selected guests on a Small Venue or at Home.

Diskodiwedding team is fully stationed on The Venue or Your Home with limited number of personnel ( max of 2-3 Person )

Click here for more details and to download our New Normal Pricelist & Packages

During this transitional times to embrace the #newnormal and to be back to work & serve you again, Diskodiwedding has and are currently preparing for a series of Standard Working Procedures and Protocols for all our behind the stage teams as well as on stage/on duty and on station.

We are committed to encourage our Team to always stay clean, stay healthy, and stay safe when running their tasks during this cautious time.

Weddings in The Upcoming “ The New Normal “ time Emphasizes on 3 Things :

  1. Maintaining Good Health & Safety Practices by Physical Distancing and Decreasing The room/Venue capacity, Number Of Guests and Working persons.

  2. Virtual and Intimate Weddings will be the most viable go-to options in order to make up for the small number of guests / people allowed, and to avoid any travelling possible

  3. The earlier 2 points definitely require a Human Resources that : A. Practices Good Health & Safety standards B. Well-Equipped C. Technology-Savvy + Skillfull in Digital & Multimedia

And thankfully, DISKODIWEDDINGhave & fully prepared in all that. ;)

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