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Hey BANDAR LAMPUNG, You GORGEOUS Tropical Paradise !


10:00- It's Sunday, and it's Diskodiwedding's first time serving a Wedding in The City of Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province Indonesia, for the Intimate Reception of Yogi & Yovi.


We Arrived shortly at Radin Inten II airport and drove straight to the venue for the SoundCheck Session at The Poolside area of Sheraton Hotel Lampung.

And oh my ! The original "Tropical Paradise"-y vibes of the venue was keeping us in awe at all times !


This is a compilation of short clips recorded on our way there and during the preparation moment :

17:00 - Intimate Photo Session , We Served some Tropical House vibes during this sunset time to fill the air and to set the mood & tone for the whole night :

19:00 - The Grand Entrance

During The Music Consultation phase, the Bride & Groom gave us a youtube link, they specifically requested the grand entrance to be presented with that particular song and the exact version of it.


The first challenge for Music Director and Wedding DJ is to find the exact same version of the song in a High-Resolution format that is playable on a big Live Sound System, as Youtube Cover songs can't be properly rendered on a Live Sound and may brings risks of technical issues for a moment as important as the Grand Entrance.


The Second challenge is to keep the tempo, beat and Volume of the song to be in sync with the Bride & Groom's Step to create an energy and tension that the guests as well as the Bride & Groom can feel.

When everything is executed correctly, the word "Grand" in Grand Entrance will be felt and this will establish an excitement ambience in the air for the next upcoming processions throughout the night.

Huge Thankyou to @yovivaniachan_ & @yogiyodha for your trust in us, and thankyou to All Awesome partners and vendors for the Full support during the preparation and the event, those awesome vendors are :

Hairdo: @minarbeauty

Hand Bouquet: @smittenbyyou

Wedding Ring: @franknco_id

Wedding Shoes: @emilie.thelabel

Invitation & souvenirs: @tmade___

Decoration: @moeliadesign

Capture: kokoro_moto

Cake: @ihocake

Box Bridesmaid:

Entertainment: @diskodiwedding


and, The Highlight Video of the Whole Celebration Day :

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